Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome Today I will be telling you who A.Dakala is
Anthony Dakala better known as A.Dakala comes from
the Dirty South/ hustling streets of North Carolina.Dakala was raised in the gritty fast life streets of Atlanta Georgia.He became A rap veteran of the streets with words that really can paint a picture. Not too many rap artist are really saying alot in their music these days, but when it comes to telling a story of the streets, the goverment or just social issues in the hood, no one does it better than ADakala aka Dakala aka DK aka Kala. Along side his partner in music -crime Don Mac out of Charlotte North Carolina, ADakala stills raps with his old crew Hood City Fame. While both artist are working on solo projects, the streets better brace themselves for ADakala who has released on reverbnation the mix album "Occupy Georgia by all means" and "I AM Georgia".
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